The excitation of G-spot is very important in female orgasm and ejaculation. Not all women have G-spot. Even if they have, not all women enjoy stimulation of G-spot at first. If the G-spot is absent then the woman would not feel anything on stimulation or just feel the finger or penile pressure. In that case, I would advise those women to include the clitoris and the area around in G-spot stimulation technique and they may feel similar sensual feel and arouse the G-spot energy. If G-spot stimulation is painful, then it may mean accumulation of bad energy either due to sexual abuse or a bad experience at gynecologist office.

            This G-spot and pulse can be awakened by proper practice and continued stimulation of the area. The release of the traumatized energy and positive connection with the partner will effect healing and resensitization of the G-spot. To awaken it you should always go from a non-G-spot to the highly sensitized G-spot. The result of the awakening will restore the exalted sexual pleasure and physical well being.

            “When my partner stimulated my G-spot I reached orgasm and ejaculated very little and I felt myself opened up and attached to something very ancient and sacred. I felt like I stumbled upon something ancient and something like a collective consciousness of women’s sexuality. It was very revolutionizing. I felt the experience more rejuvenating and powerful that I started to work on it more and more and the more I worked on it, the more I ejaculated and more sensitized was my sensual feel”.

            It is very important to realize the importance of G-spot in this program. It has been well understood that cells, muscles and organs of our body store the memories of past trauma in the form of negative energy, if they are not released properly and periodically. The G-spot is one of the easiest ways to reach the traumatized energy. The G-area is a place where lot of emotional energy is stored. It is always a healthy practice for a woman to continuously practice the G-spot stimulation for better emotional, physical and sexual health outside the sexual arena. Gradually she will acquire total access to explore and release the negative energy stored in G-spot due to day-to-day small assaults on our body and mind.

            While practicing this program, you may encounter varied type of responses. You may encounter a woman who may be well experienced in G-spot stimulation and she may jump into ecstasy or she may feel nothing. Sometimes it may even be painful or uncomfortable to her. Patience and persistence are the most important virtues while practicing G-spot stimulation. If they understand the concept of G-spot stimulation, the purpose and proper massaging techniques both the partners will experience groundshaking revelations and a deeper intimacy that we all crave for. A woman’s sexual feel and fulfillment can be blocked by past traumas, physical pain, guilt and sexually related shame. It will even affect the orgasmic potential of an individual. Our society teaches us and our children to suppress emotions and these suppressed emotions can build up over a period of time and when a particular threshold is crossed they affect the ‘energy body’ of ours and may even cause blockage of energy release. These energy blocks often relate themselves to a woman’s sexuality, especially in the G-area and can block sensual pleasure, orgasm, and multi orgasm. I assist women with heart felt Unconditional Love to release these blocked energies and excite her bliss, orgasmic and sensual fulfillment.


The massaging of the G-spot.

                       To remove the energy blocks in erotic pleasure you have to use your finger or a sex toy for stimulation or application of pressure over the G-spot. The numb feel, pain or sexual assault that is stored in the G-spot should be replaced with intense bliss and erotic sensations that are intensely pleasurable. The G-spot massage is somewhat similar to general body massage where you use strokes and pressures of varying types to ease out bends, work out knots and tension spots, but concentrated around the G-spot.

            The G-spot is the store house of sensual and creative energy. If an individual experiences emotional or sexual assaults the negative energy created is also stored in the G-area. If you practice the G-spot massage, you will release the stored negative energy and this will cause out bursts of emotions like laughter and cry. This is quite natural and is a part of the healing process.

            This G-spot massage is referred many times as Yoni healing where the term ‘yoni’ means female genitals. The G-spot massage described below is designed to be a healing program with many levels.

            The G-spot massage is used to unlock resistances stored in that area and it makes both the partners available for a well connected sex and intimate relationships. It also gives way to more sexual expression of oneself, personal image and creativity. The G-area massage restores the lost sensual feels and improves sexual responsiveness. The vulnerability decreases and the feel of love will be strengthened. It will allow the partners to experience a lengthened and multiple full bodied orgasms and often effects female ejaculation.

            You should read the ebook Awakening the Sacred Gate for full information on G-spot massage and tantric healing. It is good book for a starter on sensual and tantric practices and sacred sex. It also fully analyses the effect of day-to-day issues on tissues.

            I want to give you few words on G-spot massage before you start.

            You should always be present and connected to the partner at all times. You should maintain the feel of lightness, fun and playfulness. Encourage your partner to communicate about her experiences and present feel and know her expectation by asking her. Prime her with information about what you are going to do, before actually doing it. Don’t make sudden movements and surprise her. The G-spot is the woman’s most sensitive and precious area and therefore proceed slowly, with care and respect.              

            Your aim in G-spot massaging is to excite your partner’s sensual feel and revitalize it. Your aim is not to bring her orgasm, though it is fine if she has one or many.


The G-spot exercise


            You should practice this G-spot massage by using fingers for massaging your partner’s G-spot. However, a Crystal Wand Massager can be used for better experience.

You may need an hour approximately for this G-spot massage.


1)      You have to allot time for preparation of the room where you are going to perform the massage. You have to make it warm, special and inviting. The woman should feel at home and welcomed.

2)      You should always start with body massage first. You may ask her permission and then help her undress. Have her lying face down and start massaging the back side of her body. Use gentle sliding strokes and adequate essential oil. Adjust the strokes by increasing or decreasing the pressure and talk to her regarding the strokes, pressure, and the feel maintaining contact and communication.

3)      After 10 minutes of satisfactory massaging request her to turn over and lie on her back side. Start massaging the front side of her body and talk to her regarding the feel, pressure and strokes and concentrate more on sensual parts like the breast, nipples, etc. Then start the yoni massage. Begin with light finger touch of the inner and outer lips of vagina. Pour adequate amount of oil over the mound so that it drips over the vaginal lips. Start with slow, gentle and circular strokes and talk to her and learn the type of stoke that gives her more pleasure.

4)      Ask her to signal when she feels good and aroused and when signaled, insert your index or middle finger and explore nicely. Locate the G-area, which is placed 2 inches above the vaginal opening in the anterior wall of the vagina. Press the mound with your palm gently with the other hand and this can be very exciting to her.

5)      Explore her G-spot and note the size, shape and texture and also look for tightness or painful areas. At all times you should maintain connection and if broken, reestablish connection by talking and asking questions.

6)      Consider the G-spot as a clock and stop at each hour point of the clock and look for the place which she feels best on stimulation. Hold on to the identified hot spot and caress it gently and request the woman to describe what she feels. It may be an image or emotion. Continue stimulation till the bad energy builds up and released. Tell the woman that she is doing fine and reassure her.

7)      Concentrate on the numb and painful places and pay more attention to other clock positions aiming for greater sensual feel and ecstasy. You should also go beyond the vaginal opening and G-area and explore deeper area around the cervix, cervix, and all sides of vagina. Make sure you also enjoy the massage and derive pleasure. Bilateral cooperation and pleasure are few of the important rules to follow in tantric massage.

8)      End the G-spot massage on a high note but make sure there is no over stimulation. The woman should be aware that you are going to withdraw your finger. While removing the finger cover the vaginal mound with your other hand. After removing your hand hold her by hugging. You can even spoon or cuddle her. Talk with her what suits her best and do that to comfort her. As you do the G-spot massage repeatedly, the emotional response during the massage should increase with every massage. You should also get familiar with the yoni of the woman and should practice the methods that suits her and comforts her best. This way there will be better communication, connection and trust between you and the woman.  


Ejaculation of the woman can occur from vagina, uterus or the urethra, wherever the openings lead to. Ejaculation from the vagina requires powerful (Level-6 or -7) orgasm to force out the stored fluid from the small pores in the vaginal lining and uterine wall. A powerful PC muscle is required for vaginal ejaculation. The PC muscle is an erectile and expandable G-area or urethral erectile tissues where the Skene’s or Paraurethral glands (the vestigial female counterpart of the male prostate and seminal vesicle tissues which are spread into the erectile tissues between the uterus and bladder) are present. The secretions of Skene glands are produced during powerful multi-cycle orgasm and have high levels of testosterone and normal estrogen levels. For production of female ejaculation secretion of dopamine, a neurochemical is essential. It is secreted by stimulation of oxytonergic nerves where conduction of impulse is mediated through acetylcholine. Increase in production of nitric oxide (NO) also occurs during ejaculation. A woman should not feel urinary urgency during a healthy female ejaculation. Vaginal ejaculation is usually dripping in nature while urethral ejaculation occurs as a gush of fluid through the urethral opening. The vaginal ejaculation occurs usually during Level-6 or -7 orgasms, but you cannot see the discharge as a jet as your fingers will block the squirt.

The best emotional bonding and sex for women is produced by the Epicenter orgasm. The Epicenter massaging is the cervical massage with the penis. The Epicenter point is the distribution center for sympathetic, parasympathetic and vagal nerves of the bladder, uterus, cervix, urethra, and vagina. The action potential generated during stimulation is transmitted to the pituitary and oxytocin is released through vagal nerves. Epicenter stimulation can induce labor in pregnant woman. Stimulation of the Epicenter with a glans penis or hot semen will stimulate pituitary oxytocin release resulting in uterine contraction. The Epicenter orgasm keeps the oxytocin levels high. Frequent stimulation of the Epicenter will keep the dopamine (the love hormone) levels high, thereby increasing the bond between the lovers.

For intense sexual response the stimulation should be synchronized to a minimum of 150 strokes per minute or 2.5 stokes per second. This will produce a constructive, temporal, and spatial (from all the clitoral, Epicenter and G-spot neurons) merging resulting in the release of oxytocin contracting the uterus and vagina.


Urination while orgasm

Many women indulge in the act of urination during ejaculation either solo or with a partner. Women trying to ejaculate while sex, usually urinate rather than ejaculate fluid from their Skene glands because both ejaculation and urination makes them to let go and relax during their orgasm. If the bladder sphincter is tightly closed using the pelvic muscles, then the ejection of fluid from the Skene glands cannot occur. Women who want to ejaculate are advised to push out the fluid when they feel the urge at the time of orgasm whether it is urine or ejaculatory fluid. By doing this the woman may ejaculate or urinate about which she has no control. You just have to relish the physical sensations that occur during that time. Therefore it is always true that learning to let go and release fluid from the bladder may help a woman in learning how to ejaculate.

Women feel a lot comfortable in releasing fluid from their bladder while orgasm while they are alone than when they are with a partner. You will find it a lot easier to relax and can remain callous at the wetness. There are some advantages of doing this in the bath tub. First of all you don’t have to worry about the wetness and next getting immersed in luke warm water will help you relax a lot and then cleaning up will be a snap. You need not feel the fullness of bladder always but it need not be empty. You can drink few glasses of water prior to the exercise. You should like on your back over few towels on the bed or inside your bath tub. You should then start to masturbate. Stimulate your clitoris. Inserting your fingers or a dildo into your vagina may help. It is only to provide pressure inside the vagina and therefore stroking back and forth may not be necessary. You should always allow the sensual feel to build up slowly. Tighten and relax your pelvic muscles (the Kegel exercise).

            You should think about the let go and the act of urination. If you allow your bladder to fill then you will feel the need to urinate. The more you are close to orgasm, the more you will feel the urge to urinate. Hold the orgasm as long as possible to the extent you can hold your bladder sphincter. Relax the pelvic muscles at orgasm and let go of the bladder hold. Strong jet of urine stream will cause greater sensual feel. Therefore let go and push the bladder fluid and create a stronger jet. Actually it the practice that allows you to let go spontaneously, as you are used to sustain strong controls at urinary habits. Sometimes intentionally making a cry will help you make a good release during the orgasm.       

The art of ejaculation

            Establishing an ejaculation requires only small changes in the technique. Empty the bladder first as you have to create the pressure or urge without a filled bladder. Only on stimulation of the prostate or urethra you will develop the urge to ejaculate. For this you may need a dildo if solo or finger or penis if you have a partner. Massage your clitoris and stimulate the urethra by massaging the vaginal top using gentle finger strokes or dildo strokes. You should massage your urethra from the vaginal opening and then return back into the vaginal orifice a few inches deep. You should continue the clitoral massage. Try variety of strokes and pressures. Massaging of urethral opening and stimulating it may elicit pleasure. Stimulation the urethra will make you feel the urge to empty the bladder and this is a welcome sign and therefore don’t fight it. Be fluid to the feel, relax and enjoy the feel.

            Many times you may feel like giving more importance to a highly sensitive spot, but it may be very sensitive that you may find it difficult to stimulate it directly. Sometimes it may be very difficult to tolerate the G-spot stimulation except when you are close to orgasm. A strong orgasm and urge can be elicited by repeated stimulations and teasing thereby building up the energy in a slow and steady fashion. You have to let go and relax your bladder as if you are urinating when orgasm occurs. Mostly you will ejaculate and have the strong sensual feel and even if you don’t ejaculate, you will experience a good orgasm. Usually you will not feel the wetness till the orgasm subsided. Ejaculating during orgasm requires lot of practice and application of proper methods. Not all women can ejaculate but it is always worth giving a try as it is always a pleasurable event.

Partner stimulation

            A good partner can bring you to and orgasm and ejaculation. A woman who is capable of ejaculation should always inform her partner and should not hide it. If both the partners discuss the issue of increased wetness then they can prepare for the event accordingly. Many of the partners may feel the ejaculations erotic and welcome them. If they partner doesn’t like ejaculation, then they should relearn that ejaculations are normal even though they may dislike the wetness.

The clitoral stimulation

            Clitoral stimulation is a very important event in female ejaculation for many women. Lesser the clitoral stimulation, lesser will be the sexual arousal. If the woman is not aroused properly, then the paraurethral glands may not secrete well and the chance of ejaculation diminishes. One of the indications of not having a G-spot is not having swollen Skene glands. If the woman is not properly stimulating her clitoris, then it will affect her orgasm and the rhythmic contractions of the pelvic muscles which give the pressure required for ejaculation. So clitoral stimulation is the first step of G-spot massage. Many woman who are orgasmic, ejaculate, when their G-spot or vagina is stimulated alone, while many others may need concomitant clitoral stimulation for a better sexual life.