Sexual Healing Techniques

All trauma seeks a home or hideout somewhere in the body. When it does so, it wraps itself in muscle tissue and makes itself cozy-hoping never to be found which is unlikely since it will inevitably cause discomfort. These same traumas also get lodged in the body in other ways. For example, the energy of the trauma stores in the energy field, while emotions related to such trauma store in the emotional body. In any case, something painful and foreign to the body and soul gets locked in. Sometimes these hurts begin to fester. Other times, they tend to go numb. Still other times the pain remains completely present and tender to the touch. Finally, at other times, the pain remains present but places muscular armor around itself. In such circumstances, the armor can be lovingly touched and gradually broken down. Many individuals have sexual inhibitions or dysfunctions that include difficulty reaching an orgasm through intercourse alone. Sacred sexuality can
be useful for healing such issues. Although sexual healing may not be the primary focus of the sexual experience, sexual issues of repression or trauma can be brought to the lovemaking session and patiently addressed.

All such repressed or stored trauma can have an effect on a person's health and sexuality. The aftermath of sexual trauma can impact the psyche in such a way that it prevents a person from letting go and experiencing true orgasm. Stored trauma also results in a lack of trust, and of course, this absence of trust makes the experience of sacred sexuality impossible. The more often a woman has intercourse without taking the time to go through her natural stages of arousal and preparation, the thicker the tissue within her yoni becomes, thus decreasing her sensitivity. Furthermore, when she moves her pelvis too much, she unconsciously tightens her pelvic and vaginal muscles, which, once again, creates an unhealthy patterning in her sexual anatomy. Ironically, a woman may think she is sexually healthy and responsive to stimulation, but sometimes her arousal does not result from sexual health and vitality. Rather, it results from her sexual anatomy becoming
hardened and giving off false signs of arousal.

G-spot Massage

The primary purpose for yoni (vaginal) and G-spot massage is to access and release any unhealthy feelings or cellular memories resulting from sexual trauma. Remember, sexual trauma can take the form of rape, molestation or shaming from others. Sexual trauma can also result from having sex without a loving connection with the other person involved. Cellular memories of such events are stored in the body's tissue and, if left unhealed, affect a person's health, vitality, and sexual response. Yoni massage is one of the best methods of releasing such trauma. A woman can do this massage for herself, or she can have a partner, friend or properly trained healer assist her. Whoever is chosen, it must be understood that yoni healing massage should not be done in conjunction with or prior to intercourse. The traumatized cells within the yoni need time to rest and reprogram.
Past traumas, hurts, pain, guilt, and shame related to sexuality can block the way to a woman's sexual fulfillment, bliss, ecstasy, and orgasmic potential. In our society we are taught to suppress emotions. When we suppress our emotions they can build up over time in our "energy" body, causing energy blocks. These energy blocks, when related to feelings that women have around their sexuality, are held in the body, particularly in the area of the "G-Spot" ("Female Sacred Spot"). This can block or decrease a woman's ability to feel sexual pleasure, to orgasm, and multi-orgasm. Coming from a heart space of Unconditional Love.

The Future of Sacred Sexuality

As humanity moves beyond the dogmas and stigmas that keep people imprisoned in a fear-based past, especially regarding sex, the human race will obtain a level of freedom rarely imagined. This vision of responsible love and uninhibited freedom will one day manifest for all people. This vision is at the heart of all religions and philosophies–even if they do not yet realize it. They all have the same underlying goal of returning to the All. The major difference between these various thought systems, though, is the form the journey takes. Nevertheless, out of this journey will arise a world of greater acceptance, one that honors and embraces the sacredness in all things–including sexuality.
So, it might be years that you're going to be on journey of uncovering the trauma or the emotional energy that's in your G-Spot. Where's for someone it's just #in that instant permission like: "It's OK, baby, let's go there and do this", or "Oh, I just saw this video and I know this is possible now", and then - boom! They're ejaculating and I'm having that experience. So, it's such a variety, such a journey for each woman and her partner.
When I had an orgasm after he was stimulating my G-spot I ejaculated just the tiniest little bit and something in me just really opened up and it felt like #attaching to something very sacred, and very ancient. And something ancient within the collective consciousness of women's sexuality. It felt very revolutionary too. It felt very powerful and I started working with it more and more. And the more I was working with this, the more I was able to ejaculate, the more I felt that my G-Spot has got a lot more #sensitized.

in approaching the G-area, it is important to be aware of the special nature of this area. It has been realized in our bodies, that our cellular/muscular/organ structure also holds memory of past traumas, if they have not been properly and completely released. Have you ever heard of sexual healing? The G-area provides one of the most efficient and easiest ways to get there! The G-area is notably a place where a lot of emotions may be stored. Just as regular prostate massage is recommended for men to avoid prostate problems, it is actually a good idea for a woman's sexual and emotional health to make time for special, health massage/healing G-area sessions on an ongoing basis, outside of the lovemaking arena. Then she can feel total permission to explore and release any tensions and traumas she may be holding there.
Therefore, whether you are with a woman who has never experienced this type of stimulation, or with someone who has, it is important to remember that if you choose to stimulate this area, you never know what type of response you may experience. She may jump into sexual ecstasy, she may feel nothing, or it might even be uncomfortable, even painful for her. Persistence on the part of both lovers will pay off in earthshaking dividends and profoundly, deeper intimacy, that we all crave, if they understand how to approach and surf the experience, whatever the response

Sacred Spot- G Spot Healing

Freedom from the known

The Sacred Spot (G-spot) is the Woman's emotional sex center. The Woman carries in her Sacred Spot her highest potential for pleasure and ecstasy as well as her physical and emotional wounding from her past. To achieve her highest pleasure and ecstasy, the woman needs to move and clear the blocked and trapped energies and emotions of past trauma and wounding through massaging of her Sacred Spot, which is located in her "Yoni" (vagina). When these energies and emotions are released, she is freed to express her natural, powerful and expansive orgasmic nature. She steps fully into her Goddess self in all her aspects. Celebrating her "Shakti" energy completely. Cohesive in her ability to give and receive luscious and fulfilling sexual pleasure for herself and with her lover.


Most Sacred Spot

I'm fond of saying that an afternoon of sacred spot work is like two years of talk therapy. Sacred spot massage is a healing modality that can be used to clear emotional blocks in women. With proper instruction, a woman may move quickly and powerfully through the issues that prevent her from exuberantly enjoying her sexual, sensual nature. There is also the potential for experiencing full-body orgasm. Woman have attempted to describe their experience, and words are weak, but as close as they can get is that they became aware of a pulsating, outward expansion of all that exists, and for a few minutes enter into this movement, this sensation, with every cell in the body and every aspect of being. A profound and spiritual occurrence that can be transformational and healing.

Open like the beautiful being you are

It is a precious gift for releasing blocks that keep a woman from enjoying sexual encounters. If she has experienced trauma in her sexual or relationship history and her sacred spot is intentionally stimulated for healing, she may remember inappropriate touching, undesired intercourse, or other sexual or emotional trauma. Unresolved issues around abortion, miscarriage, medical exams and childbirth may be present. Sacred spot is like a map of a woman's sexual history to date. The work may also trigger fantasies, past life images, birth trauma and repressed childhood sexual abuse memories. The work is also useful for simply reducing the tension and stress from our busy lives

A session involving sacred spot work can be one of reflowering. This can remove negative imprints from her first sexual experience, so that more positive sexual memories can come forward in her life. The sexual system, located in the second chakra, is the most vulnerable to being shut down by our life traumas. This results in a diminishment of life force throughout the entire body and being. It is rare that a woman has not experienced some form of sexual mistreatment, intrusion or harassment. Sacred spot massage begins to remove these layers of distress.


The receiver should instruct the facilitator on the amount of pressure that she feels would bring release. It may seem beyond what is comfortable, but that is how release can begin.

When the spot is first touched, the woman may feel an urge to urinate. This sensation should pass quickly. Many women report having a pleasure point and a tender point on the spot, sometimes directly opposite each other. As you may have guessed, the tender point is the place to work to gain emotional release. Maintain an attitude of adventure and exploration and remember that you will get better with practice.


You determine how much love, pleasure and enjoyment you can allow yourself. Open to the gifts of deep healing.

Heavy emotional energy may be present at times. Rage, deep sadness and intense fear can arise. Do your best to relax into any unpleasant feelings and allow them to be released. If you feel you have hit a wall and don't want to go any further, know that locating the block is part of the healing. You can return to the process in a future session.

Actually, hysteria can be quite useful in releasing huge blocks of held energy very quickly.

Suppressed rage prevents us from experiencing passion. I believe that as we do our work individually, we are also healing the deep wounds that exist in our culture between men and women. Hold the intention of healing not just for yourself, but also for all people on the planet. This is extremely powerful and needed work.


Communicate your needs and feelings in a way that is not critical or blaming.

You can work with your issues in increments. You have developed these blocks over an entire lifetime. Be gentle and patient with yourself in moving through them.

The time after sacred spot work can be especially filled with stillness. You may share content of what was occurring in your mind and body as the release took place. Many personally experience a lightness of being that is hard to describe, but so precious. It can last for several days after sacred spot work. And many women often have awareness and revelations arise in the days following the work that gives more insight into continuing emotional and spiritual evolvement.


When I began experiencing Sacred Spot Massage, 9 years ago, I went through many levels of healing and awakening of my sexual expression and pleasure. I had been date raped at 17 years old, an attempted rape at 21 years old and physically abused by my father as a child. Even though I had had extensive therapy for many years, I was still carrying deep physical and emotional scars in my body and my sexual center. Each layer that I healed through Sacred Spot Massage with my lover opened me deeper to my ability to experience intimacy, closeness and extraordinary levels of joy, love and pleasure. The practice allowed me to release blocked energies in my body that had manifested in chronic physical disorders. After just six months of regular Sacred Spot Massage my chronic vaginal infections and yeast infections became almost nonexistent. I felt more energized in my life and very positive about myself as a woman. My heart was much more open to men and I felt a deeper sense of trust. My orgasms have continued to expand and intensify over time. Seven years ago I began to ejaculate "Amrita", the female ejaculate. My ability to ejaculate has opened me even further. My orgasmic potential has increased to deeper and extremely powerful levels of pleasure and joy. I have noticed that my sexual opening and freedom from this practice has affected all the parts of my life. It has created in me a sense of power and strength that has heightened my awareness and refined my sensitivity with myself, relationships with men and my clients. Sacred Spot Massage has been an invaluable tool and ritual in claiming my feminine sexual birthright.
Stephanie Stone


Discovering my sacred spot has been a wonderful healing experience as well as a re-awakening to the power of my sexuality. Having suffered sexual abuse from my big brother as a child, I wanted nothing to do with boys until I lost my virginity a 24. This caused an enormous conflict for me because I was a very sexual girl and adolescent. I had my first orgasm at five years old while climbing the flagpole at school, and freely experimented with masturbation after that. I was very curious about sex but the abuse caused me to protect myself against boys to an extreme.

Finally, a very caring boyfriend assisted me in freeing my sexuality at 24, and I continued to enjoy having loving sex with partners since then. Just in this past year, however, I had my first sacred spot massage from a Tantric Daka (male teacher of Tantra) and experienced the deepest orgasm I had ever had before. The next session with him, I still had the deep orgasm but also tapped into the well of grief and sadness that had been stored in my Yoni. This was miraculous to me because I had already been through a lot of bodywork and therapy in the past, but had never experienced such a deep emotional release before. It was amazing to me also that my tears had no memory attached to them. I felt like I was releasing not only my own pain, but also the collective sorrow from violence to women throughout time.

After my two sacred spot sessions, I shortly thereafter became involved with a wonderful, loving man with whom I have experienced the expansive love and connection during sacred spot lovemaking. It is still the most intimate way that he and I connect. First, because he assists me in opening my heart and all the vulnerable emotions that I need to be expressed, and second, he gets to experience serving the Goddess in me, which allows him to surrender his ego and be filled with love. I really feel his deep nurturing of my body and my heart when we practice sacred spot massage. He tells me it makes him feel like a King to love me in this way, and I do feel like his Queen. To me the sacred spot has been the key to my sexual empowerment and total healing.

Andrea-39 yrs old, Artist/Foreign Culture Expert



We are often disappointed after lovemaking. Why?
Because most of us are like owners of a precious
Stradivarius violin that we have never learned to play.